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I am interested in the pathophysiology of movement disorders, in particular tremor, dystonia, and Parkinson’s disease. I am also intruiged by the functional anatomy of the healthy motor system, especially the cortico-striatal and cerebello-thalamic circuits. My tools to investigate this are fMRI, EMG, and TMS. I like to take a systems view on movement disorders, and work with Dynamic Causal Modelling, (resting state) functional connectivity, and combined EMG-fMRI.

Current projects

My current work is focused at understanding how tremor is generated in the brain, using combined EMG-fMRI measurements, resting state functional connectivity, and pharmacological imaging in tremor patients. Furthermore, am interested in cerebral reorganization occurring in pre-symptomatic Parkinson’s disease, and I investigate how intensive training influences cortico-striatal circuits in Parkinson’s disease.


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